Since Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak became the sixth Prime Minister, he introduced a concept of solidarity, which is One Malaysia. It is not a new concept. In fact, he states that it is the goal of national unity envisioned by past prime ministers of this nation with a different approach and method according to the current condition of the world. In the other words, he updated the concept which is brought by the previous Malaysian leaders. The Prime Minister also states that the 1 Malaysia concepts is the guideline on how to achieve bangsa Malaysia, which translates into English as a “Malaysian race”. 

Nowadays, certain of Malaysian citizens sort their selves according by their races. Thus, it will lacerate the solidarity and create a gap between races.   Furthermore, some of our people are only socialize with their own race and they were unlikely to be friendly to the other races. Therefore, the government has implemented various programs in accordance with the ‘One Malaysia’ concept. For an example, the ministry of unity, culture, arts and heritage celebration held open house Malaysia with the theme of unity through the celebration. This theme is meant to complete the objectives of this open house was held. In addition, the purpose behind the organization of open houses in Malaysia every year is that people can understand the Malaysian culture and customs of various beyond one single race in this country.
Besides that, government has been trying to implement the core of unity as a culture and practice of all Malaysian. This unity is the core components that strengthen the spirit of unity among people of various races. Through the concept of ‘One Malaysia’, government has adopted the attitude of acceptance among people of various races, in which a nation to accept the uniqueness of other people patch for us to live together in mutual respect as citizens of a country. In addition, the government has also adopted the values of aspiration, which is the values...