History Paper

OP 2.17
Review how own working and practice has contributed to childrens creative development
Observations and assessments you will be able to plan for the individual child and their needs by adapting activities for them, also children need to be challenged if the work they are given is to easy they will become bored. If you shout all the time the child is less likely to ask questions for fear of being shouted at. When working and caring for children and young people it is very important that you have a duty of care and support their development. This is because your own working practice can massively affect their development. If when working with children you do not try to help children learn and develop and take a ‘not interested’ approach then this will massively affect their learning and development as if you do not help children to learn then they will not. This means that when working with children you need to ensure that you always strive to help children to learn in order for them to learn new skills and develop their skills further. If this is not done then children will not be able to learn new skills therefore massively delaying their development.

MU 2.8
3.1 Explain how to effectively care for children and young peoples skin, hair and teeth.
It's part of children's learning about self care and personal hygiene. We can help them do this by encouraging to wash hands before and after eating, after using the toilet and washing their faces with individual flannels. It's also important to teach them the difference between hot and cold water such as red means hit and blue means cold on taps to prevent them burning themselves whilst at the same never leaving a child unattended with water.
Babies are different from children they need their nappies changed regularly to prevent any sores or infections and moisturising the skin well. Talking to parents about any allergies or skin conditions their child may have.
We also need to teach about sun care...