History of the Salvation Army

Religion II
Salvation Army
  * July 2nd, 1865, William Booth – founder of the Salvation Army
  * A Methodist minister, emerged from the Methodist church
  * Started preaching but came to realise that providing basic needs for people was essential before all other things.
  * 1867 – offered evening classes, basic schooling, soup kitchens, distributing bread and small sums of money
  * September 5, 1880, Jon Gore and Edward Saunders providing food for the hungry in addition to preaching– Salvation army in Australia had begun
  * Melbourne was the national headquarter of the Salvation Army until 1921
  * Within 18 months numbers grew to forty in the Salvos
  * Started in Melbourne which had many churches but were not accessible to the poorer population who found religion to be irrelevant.
  * Evangelical -> Evangelical Methodist -> Methodist -> Salvation Army (split up)
  * Salvation Army is a denomination of Christianity, but is not a religion in itself.
The Contribution of Christianity to Australia
Rural and Outback Communities
  * Great distances in the Australian outback posed unique problems for Christian ministry
  * It could take hours-days to journey from family to family
  * Transportation was difficult
  * Loneliness and isolation were challengers faced by outback ministers.
Bush Brotherhoods
  * Established by the Church of England in the late 1800s
  * Men who joined took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. (Kind of like an Anglican monk)
  * There were 10 groups in outback Australia – the Brotherhood of the Good Shepherd were the most active in NSW
  * Men worked in pairs
  * Sometimes these men would be the only people an outback family would see in a year.
  * Administered the sacrament of Baptism and conducted marriages and funerals.
  * ‘nomadic pastors’
Bush Church Aid Society (BCA)
  * Established in 1919 by evangelical Church of England (COE) adherents
  * Men and women sought to...