History of the Name Kenneth Jhon

Comely Gracious Princess
Kenneth Jhon Z. Margate

On a faraway island, there is a palace that is reigned by King and Queen. The King and Queen desired to have a prince but they always end up having a princess. Because of that they spread message to the entire kingdom that whoever could make a potion for the queen to have a prince shall be given a reward. Every magus tried their best but none of them succeeded.

One day, the queen goes to church and pray. “My Lord, what have I done wrong for you to let me no have a prince? All I want is a prince that will carry on the honour of our kinfolk. Please let me have one Lord.” The queen sincerely prayed and goes back home. Few weeks later, her prayer has been answered. She got pregnant and it was a lad. The King and Queen happily announced that the kingdom will soon have a prince.

Upon knowing that it is a boy, the King excitedly searches a name for his son and he picked the name “Kenneth”, knowing that it means handsome. However, the Queen wanted to name his son “Jhon”, a biblical name which means “God is gracious”. She wants to thank God for answering her prayer, for giving her a prince.

In the year 1997, 15th day of November, the prince was born. But since the King and Queen have suggested different names for the prince, they coupled it instead of arguing if what name would be given to the prince. So the prince’s name is Kenneth Jhon. However as the prince grows, the King and Queen noticed that their son is not a prince but a princess trapped in a prince’s body. But still he is comely and   gracious princess.