Historical Diary- Jane Grey Time Period

January 30, 1547

The word is officially out... The King has died.   It was two days ago that it happened.   Poor old man, I know he was sick and extremely uncomfortable.   And as for his wife, Queen Consort Katherine, I admire her greatly.   She is a saint (although we do not celebrate those Christian saints as widely, thanks to His Grace’s changes in the church) for having taken care of our late ruler, God rest his soul.

I met him once.   It was a public appearance that he made so to promote himself and his new church.   The people of England enjoy seeing their leaders very much.   I was lucky, so lucky in fact, that I met the portly man face to face when he stopped only briefly at He asked me my name and told me I was very pretty, although I am sure he’d said it a thousand times already to every other teenage girl he met that day.   I thanked him and curtsied, and then I kissed his right hand.   I remembered it smelled of horses and a faint sickly odor, no doubt his gangrene. He wore a ring on his pointer and pinky fingers that were large rubies.  

And to think that that meeting happened only two years ago, right after he married his sixth wife, the Lady Katherine Parr.   The King, of course, had several wives... First Katharine of Aragon, the Spanish Queen and mother of the Lady Mary, who was his wife when I was born and only for another year after that. Then it was the temptress Anne Boleyn who gave birth to the Lady Elizabeth.   Later, there came another woman- Jane Seymour.   She gave Henry his only male heir, Edward (who will now become king at the age of nine!). Jane Seymour died due to complications from giving birth to Edward, so soon after her came the German princess Anne of Cleves.   The King did not care for her so that marriage was annulled (it was never consummated) and then Henry married Anne Boleyn’s younger cousin Kathryn Howard.   She was suspected of adultery, among other things and she was sent to the block, just like Anne.   Finally, the old king...