Historical Account Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro was the dictator of Cuba. He began his leadership of Cuba since 1959 and   as a result of all these years, Castro has achieved many things, including creating the first communist state in the western hemisphere, overthrowing Fulgencio Batista as dictator and giving Cuba fantastic health and education systems. He has had many negative accomplishments, such as conflict with the United States and problems about communism. The effect of Castro as dictator has had an immense effect on Cuba and he is the world's longest-serving leader.
Fidel had received the education that he well deserved and in 1952, and therefore, Fidel Castro decided to run for Cuban House of Representatives. The elections were never held out as the dictator at the time named Fulgencio Batista cut them short, upon grabbing a hold of power and ended democracy in Cuba. Fidel Castro thought only negative of Batista; he was corrupt, not a legitimate leader and was seen as a puppet from the USA. Castro believed that having Fulgencio Batista as dictator of his country was not going to help at all, and wanted to genuinely help his country, and this was possibly a defining moment in Fidel Castro’s life, as from that moment onwards he became determined to put a stop and overthrow Fulgencio Batista.
Consequently to Batista's being on top, Castro and his brother gathered a small force, and attacked the Moncada Army Barracks in Santiago de Cuba on July 26. This plan did not well and as a result, Castro was captured and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. However, in 1955, Fulgencio Batista released him. Castro and his brother immediately went into exile in Mexico. This is where Castro began to instruct a group of revolutionaries named the 26th of July Movement. Afterwards, In December 1956, Castro's armed forces invaded Cuba. They suffered losses, but several of them were able to escape to the Sierra Maestra, which was a mountain range in southeast of Cuba. From there onwards, Castro was able to...