Hispanic Essay

Lamar Council.

        My appreciation for the Hispanic community is address the Hispanic community needs. I did a litany of community and government internships that represent the Latino community to be an influenced in the everyday life of Hispanic people.   I have decided to devote   myself to a Human Services because I have noticed that I would be able to use my governmental   skills in being open minded to listen and give advice to many   unprivileged Hispanic people.   Besides just wanting to assist the people in the community, I want to be able to assist various different populations in a level that they would be able to interact with other people to cope with life daily. The opportunity to pursue the community work also helps me learn the environment and the numerous different personalities of people.

        Moreover, my English major gives me different ways to help Hispanic people by communicating with them. I have noticed the different techniques that I can employ to advise people so they can get back on the right path of their lives.   Community Services interested me tremendously because I noticed I do not have to really prescribe any medications as a nurse would to cure a person, but I can use experience and different programs to let Hispanics get back to their stability in life.

        As the individual I am today, I have strengths that will enhance my effectiveness for the Hispanic community. Listening to the community has been one of my strongest areas for this profession. My interests are to reach out to Hispanics who need help. When Hispanic   look for help, I find it an opening door for me to step in and give a helping hand.

      An area in the Bronx, NY who I live at name Hunt Point where predominately Hispanic live in has many social problem in the community.   Hunts Point is considered a “Red Light District” area that has suffered from poverty and crime for a litany of years and is the poorest district in the Bronx County....