His Check Point

When looking at history I find myself fascinated with the changes and events. Whether good or bad the events are held in hearts still today as if it were yesterdays. The very thought of our country’s birth is amazing to me. Our country started from a group of men from Europe who led an exploration to find other lands they could live in. So heading across the Atlantic Ocean to the West. The societal changes in Europe were in technology, navigation, shipbuilding and firearms.
        Even the economy had changed in a manner that allowed trading to go from a town’s means of surviving to a network across seas. The biggest change in my opinion was the religion of the people, or more importantly the King. The influence of religion on the people was extreme and pushed on others. Opinion was not needed and thoughts to independent religion were a blaspheming charge on a man or woman. With this sort of pressure to be demanded to believe or live ones life gave flight to the men who wanted to be free and be able to decide things for them selves.
        The hopes were there and the technology was sure behind them. The new ability to have stronger boats and faster sailing was a huge part in their success. Needless to say they were also in possession of the newest weapon in their era. Gunpowder was a huge part in the travels and trade of these men, and it got them farther than most would have gotten with out the asset. These men were virtually stopless and thanks to them we are now here and living an American dream.