Hipaa Privacy Rule

HIPAA Privacy Rule
Mitchell Marquez
HCA322: Health Care Ethics & Medical Law
Timothy Pinkerton

I am a privacy officer for a small town hospital. I received a report in regards to a breach in of privacy. There was a 15-year-old girl that was received in the emergency room with an emergency labor. There was no time to move the patient to the obstetrics department therefore the baby was delivered in the emergency room. In addition to the emergency delivery, the baby was born with multiple medical problems. The mother and baby were moved to obstetrics and neonate, where care was given to both. The OB nurse came to me to give me her badge and keys stating that she had made a mistake by breaching the patients’ privacy. She had a talk with her daughter after worked and talked to her about the patient she dealt with that day. She wanted her daughter to make sure that she would tell her anything and everything especially when it comes to pregnancy. The OB nurse let the name slip of the patient, which her daughter was able to recognize the name due to this being a small town. The OB nurse begged her daughter not to say anything however word ended up getting around and everyone within the four high schools now know about the patient and the complications the patient and the baby had and the multiple medical problems the baby has. In addition to the breach of the obstetrics nurse, the patient hid her pregnancy from her family which her aunt and mother are both nurses at the hospital. I know both of these nurses on a professional and personal level. As a privacy officer I would terminate the employment of the nurse due to having violated the privacy law of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, only after a through investigation and a full review of the privacy laws.
As a privacy officer I would definitely put the employee on administrated leave while awaiting the details of the investigation. There are many factors and laws that need...