Theater 100
Talking points:
Final discussion

The most memorable moment for me having to do with acting was in our class live productions. The one that was the all male cast with Shawn I believe playing the woman’s part. I remember he came dressed up in full cloak and all. I think that his commitment to that part is what made it so memorable in my mind and the high-pitched voice he made was classic and very funny. The scene over all was a great scene you could see right away it had been well rehearsed and planned for. The acting in lucky stiff was phenomenal. I enjoyed every minute of that musical. The actors had strong acting backgrounds and had wonderful voices. I found myself wondering if these people were paid actors or if they attended Valley College.

My favorite design was the set on lucky stiff. Such a practical set but yet if there would have been a much more elaborate props it would have not worked for me. The playing cards on stage and the four cube boxes made the production even funnier to watch. To see what they were going to make out of those for little cubes.

Ground hog day stuck in my head because of the writing. It was well written and funny. The best part about the movie is that he is the only one that knows that the day just keeps repeating. The plot was moving. Here is this man who is lonely but such a jerk that he cant talk to a woman he is interested in. Until one day he keeps getting chances to make his life right. Then once he does get what he wants he’s not even the same person that he was when the movie started. This movie brings a great message about how people should live their lives to the fullest and not be jerks.

The memorable directing I remember is in Romeo + Juliet. The language that was used in Shakespears time is the same one he uses but sets it in modern day. I felt the gritty contrast of the beautiful flowing language and the dark and modern streets of Verona meshed...