Hildegarde of Bingen Essay !!

Hildegarde of Bingen
Hildegarde was considered to be a remarkable young woman and was the first in many fields and today is well known around the world for her keen wit and contribution to Christianity. One of her major works was titled "Sybil of the Rhine" and was written at a time where few women wrote, Hildegarde composed major works of theology and visionary writings, but however lived in a time where women were not accepted by men and where most families would send their children if they were girls off to religious centres to learn religion.
Hildegarde was one of these children who got sent off as she was the 10th child in her family and at the age of 8 she was placed under the care of Jutta, sister of count Meginhard who lived as a recluse. Since Hildegarde was afflicted with sickness she was given very little instruction as she was frequently scarcely able to walk and often deprived even the use of her eyes. She was taught to read and sing the Latin psalms, which was sufficient for chanting in the divine office, but she never learnt to write. However the life of Hildegard as a child, religious and superiors was an extraordinary one. She led an inferior life, trying to make use of everything for her own sanctification.
From her earliest years she was favoured with visions. She says to herself that “up to my fifteenth year i saw much, and related some of the things to others... i would also wonder and during my sickness i asked one of my nurses whether she also saw similar things... I would relate future things, which i saw as if present... nothing the amazement of my listeners. I become more reticent.” When Jutta died in 1136, Hildegard was elected unanimously as the new abbess. Rather than continue as part of a double house where there was units for men and for women she decided in 1148 to move to the convent to Rupertsberg, where it was on its own and not directly under the supervision of a male house.
This gave Hildegarde a considerable amount of...