NEET or “Not in Education, Employment or Training” are people who rarely leave their homes and solely rely on their parents for their basic needs in life. These people are different from recluses, who usually leave the house only to buy food. NEET or Shutins are generally defined as adolescents or adults that stay in their houses for more than six months. The majority of Shutins generally build their relationships with the use of internet and would very rarely meet with their “internet friends” in real life. NEETs have a history of psychological trauma and as a result of that, they have a hindered social ability, and have problems developing interpersonal relationships.
The reason why we decided on this group of people is that we believe there is a certain disgust or contempt towards these group of people. We want to show the audience, their side of the story and how they deal with relationships in their own fashion. We want to portray the fact that due to past experiences, relationships are extremely difficult for NEETs as compared to regular people and how they have their own methods of communication. We also want to highlight their unique attitude towards communication and their method of dealing with it.
Our method of research would be through personal observation. Some of our group mates have relatives or have mutual friends that are considered to be Shutins. We plan to use their past experiences with them to construct an accurate representation of their communication habits and to give the audience and idea of their interpersonal relationships