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Five Roads to the future final
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Five Roads to the future final
Over the past years, there have been a number of predictions on how the current life in the world would be. Basically, many people had come up with a number of theories and views on how people in the present would behave. Notably, some of these predictions have come to pass while some have not been affected. As a matter of fact, most scientists have created different notions on how life ought to have been. It is worth noting that some of the current occurrences that include technological and economic changes had long been foreseen.  
Currently, there are a number of ways through which most Americans think life might look like in the next few years. Moreover, every group of people has their personal view of the predictions that have been projected for the next ten, twenty or thirty years. It is worth noting that many instances of environmental changes have been observed in the world over the past few years. These changes have affected human beings and other living organisms either negatively or positively. In light with the aspect of environmental changes, the world is seen as a more dynamic platform that is susceptible to various alterations either by human forces or natural forces (Starobin, 2014). As researchers continue to comb more information on how to come up with predictions of the world’s future, a number of elements have been recognized to help scholars decipher how the world would appear in the next ten, twenty or thirty years.
According to Starobin,(2014), there are five major roads that can lead to the world to a highly predictable future. These roads include chaos, multipolar world, Chinese Century, global city states and finally, there is the road of universal civilization that is believed to lead to a global government (Starobin, 2014). If properly integrated, Starobin believes that these roads will greatly affect the world future for...