High School Flex (Forced Study Hall)

High School’s FLEX
Introduced in the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, FLEX is a time period after second block where students go to their assigned FLEX class (assigned in the beginning of the year) and study, do work independently or for other teachers, something productive. Usually this does not happen. In theory, FLEX is a good idea but in reality students see it as a time to hang out with their friends, sleeping or a chance to roam the halls thus making FLEX ineffective and really just a waste of time from our other classes.
As a senior at THS, this is my first and only year with FLEX. I can visually see the ineffectiveness. FLEX teachers maybe in the beginning enforce the rules like no talking or sleeping etc, but now they really don’t seem to care anymore. I see kids come into my FLEX class just to talk and be with their friends, and I also see kids that come into my FLEX and go to sleep. I am in CTC and FLEX is really pointless for me because I am there in my FLEX classroom until 10:45am because I leave for CTC lunch, which gives me only fifteen minutes to eat my lunch. fifteen minutes. That's it. If I dare stay any longer I will miss my bus and my only opportunity to go to my CTC class. The time I spend in FLEX is short as well where I only get roughly thirty minutes to do any type of work which isn’t a lot to get anything done. I believe that completely removing FLEX would just be better, give back each class the five minutes that was taken from them to fit FLEX in. This way we can still be in class learning instead of going to FLEX and wasting forty-five minutes, talking or sleeping. Eliminating FLEX from our daily schedule will increase productivity and work ethic in other classes.
Since FLEX is forced upon all students, many students oppose the whole idea where they either don't show up, completely disregard the FLEX teacher or they just sleep study halls should not be mandatory because it should be the student's’ choice whether they need...