High Processing Ability of Calcium Silicate Board Machine

Calcium silicate board equipments is a new generation of green building material. It has environmental protection function on the basis of excellent dampproof and fireproof performance. It is a new type of building material produced under high temperature and high pressure through flow liquid forming with ganister sand and calcium powder as main base material, natural wood fire as reinforcing material and mixed with other auxiliary materials. How about hte processing ability of calcium silicate board machine?

The calcium silicate board production line is the process of producing gypsum plaster board during which the raw materials enter the production site and then get processed, conveyed, assembled and inspected. The calcium silicate board devices which are needed for certain product and workers of all occupations are assembled according to the product professional principle. They take the responsibility of the whole manufacturing process and do different processes to the same subject of labor, thus realizing the production of the calcium silicate board.

The calcium silicate board produced by calcium silicate board production line is a new kind of plate that takes siliceous and calcareous materials as the main materials, which is manufactured through pulping, shaping, steaming, drying, processing and other procedures, which has the features of light weight, high strength, fireproof, thermal insulation, good processing ability, and which can be widely used in the manufacturing of fireproof partition board, hanging plate, wind tunnels, fire doors, and so on in the sectors of high-rise building and public buildings.

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