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Perception on Generation Y Behaviors and Traits,
Blame it on Technology
There are a lot of perceptions on the new generation which unfortunately they call as “our” generation (AKA Generation Y/The Millenial). The Generation Y value family, personal connection and loyalty. They also seek out the genuine and are repulsed by phony. They are famously optimistic and believe in the possibility of change, advocate for the environment and social justice. They treasure tolerance and diversity, teamwork and balance. Furthermore, people(especially the elders) view our generation as spoiled, lazy, poor work ethic, have little respect for authority, too self-centered and individualistic, overinflated, not committed to work, no loyalty to employers, lacking in social skills, and needy. Almost all these perceptions on us are blamed on technology.
The childhood for generation Y was defined as a consumption-driven society, filled and bombarded with rapid technological advancements (Gilboa & Vilnai-Yavetz, 2010). The generation Y cohort is therefore known to be technologically savvy, and they are enthusiasts when it comes to adapting to new technology (Gilboa & Vilnai-Yavetz, 2010). Today, 70% of children between the ages of 2-5 can operate a computer mouse; only 11% of them can tie their shoes. At the start of the 21st century, only half of all school classrooms had Internet access, compared to 98% today.
Actually, I do blame technology for our behavior. Nowadays, most of the people cannot go out of the house without a cellphone. Almost all students can’t survive school without internet connection. When we visit a house, there will always be a television or at least a radio. Even children as young as 5 have their own Tablets ,iPads, or iPods. For Gen Ys, technology is life(Bahene,2012). We have grown to be dependent on technology that we basically cannot live and survive without them. They become part of who we are and thus, becoming the reason as to why we behave...