Hess Corporation


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Table of Contents
Introduction 2
PESTEL Analysis 2
Political 2
Economic 4
Environmental 4
Technology 6
Natural Capitalization Aspects 6
Competitive Environment 7
Political and Economic Risk 8
Risk Management 8
Company Strategy and Financial Performance 9
New Developments and Innovation 11
Conclusion 12
Reference List 12

Hess Corporation
The company is both an oil and gas producer and a leading competitor in deepwater development oil exploration and production. The assets of the company are focused in five main regions where it has proven technical capabilities. These regions are Gulf of Mexico, Asia Pacific North Sea, Onshore U.S. and West Africa.
The Hess Corporation is also a pioneer in conducting Marketing and Refining in oil as which sees it operate in over 23 countries. In addition to exploration and production, the company also focuses in purchase, sale of crude oil and natural gas marketing and transportation of refined petroleum products such as natural gas and electricity. The oil giant owns thousands of Hess gas stations including small convenience sales stores throughout the United States East Coast (HESS, 2013). In addition, the company owns thousands of acres of land regions which it has exploration interests especially in the North Dakota Bakken. Internationally, the Corporation controls hundreds of thousands of acres of land that are valuable to it exploration and production exercises in search for crude oil and natural gas (HESS, 2013).
PESTEL Analysis
The political climate affects the performance and future prospects of the company and mostly all oil companies. The recent years especially one year has been an active period for oil companies with new trends to expect in the coming years. For instance, the world experienced reactions from the Fukushima...