Well Fargo

Wells Fargo has an interesting approach to their Vision statement. They consider their product to be SERVICE. To add value to that service they offer FINANCIAL ADVICE. Wells Fargo suggests that their competitive edge is “OUR PEOPLE”/ EMPLOYEES. Wells Fargo CEO Richard M. Kovacevich knows that the company is big and growing but feel that the values they share is what really “hold us together”.
Wells Fargo boast some impressive statistics including being the only AAA Standard and Poor bank in the United States. It is also ranked the 17th most profitable company in the United States and ranked as the 33rd largest employer in the United States. 
Wells Fargo goal is striving to be the number one financial service provider in all of its markets. CEO John G. Stumpf views the vision as a journey with a destination. Their goal is not to get bigger necessarily but to be better.
Wells Fargo considers people to be their competitive edge. They seek to provide a great work place for the people they employ. Well Fargo strives to be a place that people choose and want to work for. They suggest that they want to be partners with their customers by offering outstanding financial service. Wells Fargo states that they want to the promote economic advancement to all communities. In this day and age that kind of vision statement speaks volumes about the current needs of consumers in this market.
Well Fargo is a San Francisco based company with a history that dates back to the times of the stage coach. Wells Fargo has had over 200 mergers. Accept for Wachovia most of the financial institutions Wells Fargo acquired have been from the western part of the United States. Wells Fargo In 1998 acquired the Northwest Corporation in stock swap and which bought the value of Well Fargo to 34 billion. Well Fargo currently has branches in 21 states and a presences in Canada, The Caribbean and Latin America .Wells Fargo services over 25 million customers and has 6,000...