Hero Worship

In this passage we see Hibbert’s desperation to leave the front line in the trenches even by means of death.
We the audience is very shocked as to Stanhope’s sadness and cruelty towards Hibbert. Tension is created throughout this passage as the audience is kept under suspense on whether Stanhope is going to shoot Hibbert, while Hibbert also causes tension as does not back down from the shooting.

Hibbert comes in and re-visits the case of neuralgia, and tension is created because we already know that Stanhope told Osborne previously that he would never let any man get away. Hibbert says; “This neuralgia of mine. I’m awfully sorry. I’m afraid I can’t stick it any longer-“. The audience is kept under suspense as they do not know what Stanhope’s reaction would be when he hears the word “neuralgia”.
The audience is rather surprised at Stanhope’s sarcastic response; “ I know it’ s rotten, isn’t it? I’ve got like hell-“. Tension is created, as Hibbert does not know that Stanhope is making a joke out of the “neuralgia” but thinks that Stanhope understands him and his “problem”.
Tension is created when Stanhope’s quiet and categorical tone of vice; “You are going to stay here” which surprises the audience because Stanhope   has never been this impatient.
Hibbert’s rude tone of voice which is referred to as fierce; “What the hell-!” leaves tension as the tone of voice which is harsh, shocks the audience because Hibbert talking over the company commander Stanhope. So the audience is keen to hear Stanhope’s reactions to this. Hibbert’s rudeness is also shown as he keeps interrupting Stanhope. This is shown by the hyphens, this shocks the audience, as they have never seen anyone disrespect Stanhope.
Lots of suspense is created when Stanhope “quietly undoes the flap of his revolver bolster, he takes out his revolver, and stands casually examining it”. The audience is anxious to know why Stanhope removed his revolver.
Drama is created as Hibbert has stopped being rude...