What exactly is a journey? A journey can be defined as many things. They can be exciting, dangerous, challenging, peaceful or terrifying. As a Journey can either a physical journey or an inner a journey, or even both. In the end, all journeys expand ones understandings of themselves, individuals and of the world.
In a physical journey, they allow us to experience personal growth and change, therefore causing our mind, body and our surroundings to change. While in an inner journey, it allows us to change and think differently and mature. In my chosen text, Hercules, published by Disney 1997. Disney's take on Greek mythology, Hercules is about him being stolen from mount Olympus by Hades servants, while Hades plots to overwhelm Olympus and to take it for himself.  
In Hercules there are examples of both physical and inner journeys.
An example of physical journey is Hercules growing up from a baby to a child and a child to an adult. When he is kidnapped from mount Olympus when he was still a baby. Then a few years pass It shows him as a teen, showing his development on his physical self. This is a good example a physical journey as it shows Hercules growing up and that his strength has improved and compared to us, we all take physical journeys and as we get nearer to the end, we become stronger for any challenges that we may face and overcome.
In the Inner or the mental journeys, Hercules has good examples of him growing up mentally. One example of this is the overall arching story. As at the beginning all Hercules wants to do is to become a Hero to rejoin his father a Mount Olympus, after his training with Philoctetes (or Phil for short) he rescues his first Damsel in distress, Mel, he falls in love with her. Then later in the story, he was met with a choice either let Mel die or lose his super-human strength for one day. He chooses to save Mel, losing his powers, but regains them when Mel gets hurt, then dies.
This shows the mental journey for Hercules as he...