Heraclitus's Philosophy

In this world, philosophy is a way of life. Without philosophy, many things in the

world would not have been discovered. A great number of philosophers’ discoveries,

suggest that the source of life was made from different attributes. Most of these

discoveries did not go beyond the ideas that water is the source of everything, air vapor is

the source of everything, or that the four elements of the earth: water, fire, earth, and air,

Together, is the source of everything except for one. Heraclitus went beyond the ideas

that nothing changes or that nothing came from nothing. As the first western philosopher

to go beyond the physical theory, he compared the world as an everlasting fire, described

that the source of life was because of God or one entity, and stated that life always

changes. These ideas were put together and created into an outstanding theory made by


In Philosophy, the soul is compared to a variety of items. Heraclitus compares the

world as an ever lasting fire. He quotes, “All things are in exchange for fire , and for fire

all things as goods for gold and gold for goods.” Fire can be measured with items as a

standard. Even though it is not a unique source of all things, fire is an important part of

Heraclitus’ system. In the bible, God is often described as fire, the source of all things.

Heraclitus thought that God or one entity was the source of everything. He states

that God is day night, winter summer, satiety hunger, and it alters as it is mixed with

incents to the aroma of each. It is describing that there was something that did create life.

Life wasn’t create just out of the blue, something had to have create it. The world has to

do with God but it’s not a key factor. God created life that always changes, in the place

that stays the same.

Life is always changing but the place stays the same. Heraclitus states, “Water

always changes but the...