Henry Lawson


Daldry uses symbolism in this scene of the cage, which represents the way Billy is trapped by his fathers expectations of Billy and Jackie’s volatile anger. The close up shot also signifies the anger directed towards Billy and Mrs Wilkinson which shows the responder how unpredictable and confronting transitions can be.
The filmic technique of framing is used where we see Billy and Mrs Wilkinson in the frame facing Jackie, who in the next shot is standing by himself. This shot conveys the separation that Billy and his father experience.
Jackie pushes Billy out of the ballet studio through a door. This image is juxtaposed later in the film when Jackie pushes Billy back into the ballet audition “Get back in there”- this demonstrates Jackies transition from aggressive repression of Billys dreams, to active involvement and acceptance of them.

Intertextuality, the story of Swan Lake establishes the artistic frontier for Billy’s future, something seen in the conclusion of the film. This scene represent s how Mrs W sees billy. The swans transformation for a few hours is depicted by how Billy feels when he is dancing. She is able to recognise the symbol of the ‘swan’ in billy, encouraging him to pursue his hidden talent. As Mrs W conveys the story, that the swan will die if it is not rescued by the prince.
Foreshadowing when Mrs W tells the story about Swan Lake- The story of Swan Lake foreshadows her life and Billy ignites her love/passion for dance again, that ultimately fades when Billy leaves. It also reflects the inner transformation that Billy experiences when he dances “its like electricity”
The physical movement of the ferry crossing the water- long shot ,camera panning. Crossing the body of water with Mrs Wilkinson is symbolic of the changes that Billy must overcome in his quest for individuality and freedom of choice. This reflects Billy’s transition as he is trying to leave behinds working class context and...