Henry Heimlich

Dr. Henry Heimlich Informative Speech

Specific Purpose Statement: With the conclusion of my class speech, the listeners will know the highlights of Dr. Heimlich’s life and career, his major accomplishments within the medical community with the creation of the Heimlich maneuver, and the influence on modern medicine and me.

Central Idea: Dr. Heimlich, a son of a prison social worker became well known for a lot of medical ideas during his career. Dr. Heimlich topped his career in 1975 when the Heimlich maneuver was endorsed by the American Medical Association, which is now used worldwide for choking victims.

I.     Provide attention-getter:   Show count down, and Dr. Heimlich video demonstration.
II.   Reveal Topic:   How the medical discoveries that Dr. Heimlich discovered and created has helped many people in this world today
III.   Relate topic to audience: Explain how Dr. Heimlich has inspired me in the medical field today, and helped me be able to teach this maneuver to students today.
IV.   Provide credibility statement: With Dr. Heimlich’s influence on modern medicine this led him world recognition and receiving the Albert Laskar Public Service Award.  
V.   Preview main points: Introduce Dr. Heimlich, where and when he was born and grew up. Dr. Heimlich’s life achievements, and his techniques.
A. Dr. Henry Heimlich was born to a prison social worker on February 3, 1920
1. Henry Heimlich grew up in Wilmington Delaware and was very interested in his father’s work, which led him to tag along with his father during his prison rounds.
2. Henry Heimlich studied hard in school graduated and attended Cornell Medical University where he graduated in 1943 as a Medical Doctor.
3. In 1944 during World War II, Dr. Henry Heimlich was pulled away from his residency program and entered into the US Navy where he witnesses death after death from chest wounds, till 1947.
B. Dr. Heimlich was tired of the rising number of deaths...