Henan Huatai Cold Oil Processing and Advantage

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people more and more favor cold oil press in cooking oil.

Without heat or low temperature conditions, oil materials be pressed by cold oil machine.

Cold oil machine Squeeze out low temperature oil, and a low acid value, generally don't need to be refined, after precipitation and filter we can get refined products.

cold oil save the natural features , to avoid the adverse effects caused by traditional high temperature cooking oil processing.

Cold pressed oil products retained the oil flavor and natural color, complete preserved the physiological active substances in oil, vitamin E has the function of anti-aging, sterol has skin tonic effect and strengthen the body's metabolism), cold oil flavor, is the choice of a healthy life.
Cold oil raw material must pass a selection, because otherwise the maturity of different raw materials and raw materials contain harmful substances (such as aflatoxin and mildew oil gossypol in cottonseed toxins), will cause serious influence on the quality of cold-pressed oils.

Generally speaking, cold pressed oil has the smoke point of low, moisture content is not stable, not conducive to long-term storage.

Cold pressed technology generally need after crushing out the oil to go up, sometimes have to secondary crushing, squeezing the three times.

Hot press processing is commonly used in heavy machinery to squeeze, namely oil for the first time, but there are also some vendors directly press oil after improved models without other equipment,
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