Helping Syria’s Refugee Children to Recover

Helping Syria’s Refugee Children To Recover
The image of a drowned Syrian boy triggers many people to pay attention to the issues that Syrian refugees deal with. After five years of war in Syria, many refugees still live in the shadow of the violence. The terror attack in Paris caused some people to discriminate against Syrian people and urge the government to be less willing to take in Syrian refugees, which indirectly led refugees to a worse situation. In addition to a lack of basic needs, In order to alleviate Syrian refugees, especially children’s psychological problems and their suffering from sexual abuse and forced labor and gain the right of schooling, money and education must be provided for these refugees, but also a change must occur in the political situation for western countries to receive more refugees and offer legal working opportunities.
The refugees’ problems began five years ago. A group of students painted anti-government graffiti, and were tormented by the government.  A bunch of residents in Syria protested in favor of these students, but they were repressed by local armed government, which triggered anger for many civilian Syrians and rebels who took up arms against the government. (Rodgers) Besides, the conflict between those who agree or are against Mr. Assad, different and complicated ethnic groups and the rise of the Islamic religion, caused civility to deteriorate, leading to the conflict in Syria. 250,000 people have been killed in the Syrian War since August 2015. Basic infrastructures have also been destroyed by jihadist groups; basic needs, medical care, education, and human rights have not been guaranteed since the onset of the war. (Rodgers)
Over 4.5 million people in Syria have escaped to other countries to seek safety; half of them are children. Most of them live in Jordan and Lebanon; some of them fled to Turkey or other developing countries. Ten percent of them have crossed the border into...