Help the Needy in Kampung Baru

  On 13th July 2013 was the day that all of us had been decided to help needy families around Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur. In order to get the list of needy families around Kampung Baru, we had decided to meet and ask headman of Kampung Baru. After having short conversation with headman fo Kampung Baru, he personally introduce us with three families who are needy and need our help.            
    Luckily, we able to collect funding for needy people by contribute our own money and ask for donation from our families and friends. The day before the actual date, we had been decided to buy all the list of groceries that we would like to give them at NSK supermarket .On the actual date, all of us visit the first family that live along Jalan Hamzah and her name is Salmah,65 and she is single mother with her disable daughter. We felt pity on her because she needs to raise her disable daughter alone. So, we had been give her few daily basis need for their family so that they can use it during Ramadhan Next, we visit second family who is also single mother that raise two children who are still in their secondary school. It is unfortunate for their family because his husband just passed away one month ago and it is difficult for her to raise their family alone. She sells ‘kuih tradisional’ around Kampung Baru for her living after his husband passed away. She seems to be really happy when we visit them even though we just give them few groceries need. Then, we visit third family who live near to the second family. She is single mother that live with two widowed children. She felt really happy when we give them some groceries needs and we hope that we can help her again in the future.  After finish helping those three needy families around Kampung Baru, we felt very happy and hope that they will be able to enjoy their days during Ramadhan with little help from us. May Allah bless them and their family.