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Exam 3 – Jacaranda
Q1 a) The organisational structure is the way that the organisation is organised according to who does what in the organisation. BHP Billiton would have a large organisational structure, due to being a large scale organisation.
b)   The mission statement expresses why an organisation exists, Its purpose and how it will function. Toyota would have a mission statement to achieve its set objectives.
c) Strategic objectives are long term objectives, or planning usually over 3 to 5 years. Rip curl would have a strategic objective because it assists in determining where in the market the organisation wants to be and what it wants to achieve in relation to its competitors.
Q2 a) Televest Pty Ltd would be classified as a large scale organisation because it employs 1024 people, has revenue of $ 485 million and operates in 3 different countries.
b) Televest Pty Ltd would contribute to the Australian economy because it contributes to employment for people to work and the large scale organisation also contributes to infrastructure growth by providing communication to the Australian economy.
Q3 a) The board of directors has the most responsibility in the organisation and they plan the vision, mission statement and the strategic(long-term) planning.
b) The regional senior managers would also contribute to helping out the board of directors and the responsibilities they do within the organisation.
Q4 a)                                                       Functional Management Structure

b) Televest could evaluate organisation performance by key performance indicators. This may be by the number of sales made in the organisation or by doing customer and staff surveys to measure how satisfied the customers are with the organisation.
Q5) The management style adopted by the general manager, Don Russell is the Autocratic management style. He basically tells what decisions have been made (one way communication)...

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