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Bad Things Lead to Good
It was August, 1990; I had just started my freshman year at college. I actually graduated high school in 1989, but I decided to take a year off and work for a year. I went down south and visited family, and back home, I worked my butt off.
As much as I hated school, I thought I wanted to be a teacher. I grew up spending a lot of time with my aunt who was a teacher, so I really believed that is what I was going to do when I "grew up."
At the time I had only been dated my boyfriend, Tim, for a couple of months. But we had been best friends since I moved to the area in 86. So for 4 years we were the best of friends. Talking to each other whenever we had issues with who ever we were dating at the time; or just anything and everything. We worked together too. I didn't have a car so he always gave me rides to and from work.
So we finally started dating and after three months, I'm pregnant. I just kept thinking to myself, this can't be true; I can't be pregnant; how am I going to tell my parents, my grandparents, his family; what are we going to do?
He's in his second year of college; I just started my first year...Why in the world did we let this happen? But we did, and it was a horrible, bad feeling.
Maybe it was just an excuse, but I hated college, so my pregnancy was my excuse to never complete college.

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