Hella Hyphy
Hyphy Movement is a musical movement. Hyphy started in the Bay area of California and means to be hyper. Mac Dre a rapper was the founder of the Hyphy movement in the 1980’s.The music consists of much bass and untraditional sounds in music like cowbells and electronic sounds. Hyphy is a way of life; many sayings and slang terms emerged from it, there’s a unique dance style that made me like dancing, and it’s changed my style of clothes, ultimately changing my life.
The Hyphy Movements creation of new words made the English language artistic. My brother introduced me to this awesome sound. He used the word “hella” in a sentence and it made me very curious. I started using it when I wanted to extenuate how important something is. My friends caught on and it spread like influenza. I went home and told my brother and he was proud. From that point on my brother showed me many Hyphy artists from the bay area at an early age. E-40 an artist taught me many terms. The terms and sayings I picked up shaped my everyday conversations. I had to learn how to only use my street talk for certain situations. I look back and realize before learning these fun to say words I was kind of shy. Soon E-40 is even coming out with a dictionary. I am going to get it and expand my knowledge of street terms.
      The sound of Hyphy is so unique there has to be a dance style to go along with it. Mac Dre introduce the dance moves “going dumb”, “doing the bird”, “putting up your T’s” and “the Thizz face”. The Thizz face is when you scrunch your nose and make a frowning face. Going dumb is just loosening up and doing whatever you want. The rest of the moves are pretty self explanatory in the name. The people that can dance do a thing called T.U.R.F dancing. It means taking up room on the floor. I’m not great at dancing, so I don’t really turf but I just try my own version of turfing and mix in Mac Dre’s moves. My favorite thing to do is slide around. It makes me feel like I am...