1. The purpose of the employee alarm system is to reduce the _________ of workplace accidents and injuries.
a. frequency
b. severity
c. duration
d. all of the above

2. You must be able to distinguish fire alarm signals from other signals.
a. true
b. false

3-Which of the following devices must be used to alert employees who can not otherwise hear or see an alarm?
a. visual
b. audible
c. tactile
d. sensory

4. Which of the following are the two most common types of fire alarms in the workplace?
a. audible and visual
b. visual and tactile
c. sensory and visual
d. audible and tactile

5. Which of the following are the most effective means producing audible alarms?
d. voice and sensory
b. voice and sirens
c. sensory and horns
d. temporal and voice

6- Please tell use where you can use this Extinguisher

7- Which of the following is that part of the exit route that leads directly outside or to a street, walkway,
refuge area, public way, or open space with access to the outside?
a. access
b. exit
c. discharge
d. assembly

8 - A hazard is:

      Something with the potential to cause harm

      Something to fall over

      Something in the wrong place

      A problem that has no solution

9 -   Risk is:

      Not knowing what is around the corner

      Something you are not sure about

      A problem that is going to upset you

  Likelihood that harm from a hazard may be realized

10 - What does this CHIP symbol mean?

      Flammable, extremely flammable and highly flammable

    Very Toxic, toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction

            Harmful, irritant and sensitizing

11 - Which type of accident accounts for the single biggest cause of workplace death?

      Falls from height
      Electric shock


      Being hit by a moving vehicle

12 - Who is responsible for health and safety?

      The boss

      The workers...