Heineken Regatta

The Heineken Regatta brought great artists along with their excitement to the beautiful of
St. Maarten. It was the place to be that day. The day the regatta had it final day was at Kim Sha
Beach. The event by the beach was filled with people with booths selling drinks and food.
Different artists from Holland and other Caribbean islands came and performed at the regatta.
The headliner of the show was Wyclef Jean; he was the last singer that sang in the show.
The day before the event was raining heavily, so the beach was flooded. The water
was cleared by trucks that pumped out the water. The stage was put up and all the green
Heineken signs, Captain Morgan rum posters and the green Heineken tents. Heineken and
Captain Morgan rum were the main advertised drinks of the event. Night fell and the
people started arriving at the beach. The show began at 7 o’clock with the introduction of the
band Orange Grove.
The event was packed with people and it had different places selling food and drinks.  
The place was so crowded that a person could barely walk to get from one point to another. The
beach was selling different kind of food for example, ribs and chicken barbecue, salt fish and
johnny cake, grilled shrimp and grilled fish. It had booths also selling all types of drinks
like, Hennessey, Captain Morgan, Malibu, Vodka and all kinds of juices to mix the rum with and
also margaritas.
Triple Platinum Selling, MTV Award-Winning Hip Hop Artist Brainpower, out of
Amsterdam performed that night in the Heineken Regatta. After several years of touring, having
performed in the US, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, Aruba, Curacao, and Jamaica
it will be Brainpower's first performance on the beautiful island of St. Maarten. On stage,
Brainpower was backed up by his long time DJ: TLM. TLM is Holland's #1 Hip Hop DJ, known
as the Amsterdam Mixtape King and an all around turntable artist. Versatile, an artist from St.