Heathcliffe vs. Gatsby on Love

What is Love
Both Gatsby and Heathcliff have a similar form of love, yet they still remain two distinct characters and even with their differences, both forms of love are of equal value. To better express these forms of love I have composed a song called “What is Love”. I chose to do a song because that is a form of expression used to demonstrate one’s love for another.  
I begin with Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff’s idea of love is more of an obsession; therefore I state “I am obsessed”.   Bronte wrote about becoming the other person entirely. This is why I chose the lyric “you broke our heart”. It shows that Catherine Linton broke both the one heart that she and Heathcliff shared. Originally, I was going to allude to “I am Heathcliff” (Bronte 84); however, Heathcliff had already left the room at this point, thus not overhearing Catherine’s statement.
The song also incorporates Heathcliff marrying Isabella as revenge. This is important because it shows that he is selfish and if he loved Catherine Linton, he would not want to deliberately cause her harm. This pain eventually caused Catherine Linton to die, leaving Heathcliff violent towards all around him because he is acting out of the pain from the love he felt for her. This love is of a violent nature but the reader still feels sympathy for Heathcliff because there are parts that expose his less violent side, such as: “I cannot live without my soul” (Bronte 164). This statement is significant because it exhibits Bronte’s idea of love in Wuthering Heights, which is becoming one being and when one part of that being dies, the other does too.
In contrast, the character Gatsby was in love with Daisy, but she was just an illusion that he was holding on to from his past. Daisy has much changed since her first encounter with Gatsby five years ago, which is why I chose the lyric “now you’re a mother”, attempting to show that change. The idea of love in The Great Gatsby is a facade, an illusion of...