Heat Transfer

Heat, Light, Sound and Energy are interrelated in a device or product by.

Energy transfer and Energy resources

Nothing can happen without an energy transfer. A braking car is transferring kinetic energy into thermal energy or heat. When a car accelerates chemical energy from the fuel is being transferred into kinetic energy, but a car traveling at a constant speed on the level is just transferring chemical energy into thermal energy of the surroundings.
                  Devices such as heaters, lamps and televisions are designed to carry out a particular energy transfer. Although all the energy that goes into one of these devices must come out (this is known as conservation of energy – total amount of energy remains the same), it does not all come out in the desired form.
                Most of the energy that we transfer in our homes comes from fossil fuels. Energy from the sun was trapped millions of years ago and stored as chemical energy. Fossil fuels are non-renewable – we cannot make any more coal, gas or oil. Nuclear fossil fuels such as Uranium are also non-renewable same electricity is generated from renewable sources: hydra electric power uses energy from the sun that drives the water cycle and wind power uses energy from the sun that causes movement of air streams solar cells transfer energy from the sun directly into electricity, but their high cost and low efficiency give them limited use in Britain.


Waves transfer energy; they are important for communication as well as heating and lighting the space we live in

Sound is carried to our ears by a to and fro movement of air particles. This to and fro movement starts a vibrating object, such as a loudspeaker (surround systems on TV sets), which sets the air particles in to a longtidual wave motion where the vibrations are along the direction in which the wave is travelling
            The maximum amount displacement (movement to one side or the other) of the wave. The...