Healthy Plate Cyp

EYMP3 Promote children’s welfare and well being in the early years
5 day menu of a healthy and balanced menu
| Breakfast | Mid-morning snack | Lunch | Mid-afternoon snack | Tea | drinks |
Monday | PorridgeFruitorgange juice | CrackersJuice | Meat/chicken curyrice with veg.fruitsyogurt | whole grain crackers or a toast with peanut butter | Chick peas curry withpotatoes.ChappatiYogurt | |
Tuesday | OatmealJuiceUnit | Yogurt | Ham Sandwich with salad, olivesfruit | Cashew nuts or fruitswith milk |   Lentil curryChappatiMix vegetableYogurt with cucumbers and tomatoes | |
| |
Wednesday | Egg on toastMilk | Cheese crackersJuice | Stuffed veg.nan bread served withset yogurt dip of cucumbers and tomatoes | cheesemilk fruit | LentilsMixed veg.chappati/ricesalad | |
Thursday | Butter toast Milk | OlivesCheese | Sandwiches with various fillingscut fruit | MilkCrackers | Cream of chicken soupsaladbread | |
Friday | SausagesEggsMilk | yogurt | veg.pilao riceset yogurtssalad | MilkFruits | Chicken currywith rice /chappati, salad | |
Substitutes for dietary requirements | ** ALL MEALS ARE PROVIDED WITH WATER OR JUICE/MILK. | | | | | |
Look at page 393 – 396 of your candidate handbook   for information on the different sources of nutrition that a child requires it also lists the requirements of the governments drive to a healthier diet for children through Schools Food Trust. Using the back of this sheet draw a healthy plate that will identify the nutritional requirements of a child. Ask you tutor if you do not understand what you have to do.

Dietary requirements of children and young people
Religious groups | Their food beliefs and foods they can or cannot eat |
Hindu | Usually vegetarians. They can have milk and dairy products.Their festivals include fasting at times.So usually no meat/eggs are eaten. |
Jews | No pork,shellfish or rabbit.Meat must be kosher.Meat and dairy food must not be cooked and eaten together. |
Sikhs | Can be...