Healthy Eating

This talk is about children’s nutrition and giving them a healthy, balanced diet. Some people don’t really know what is meant by a healthy, balanced diet. A balanced diet is meant to consist of certain proportions of food and these proportions all need to be eaten in balanced quantities. There are 7 different nutrients a child should have for a balanced diet, these are:-

1. Carbohydrates (staple food): - which are found in either starches found in potatoes, pasta, rice etc. or sugars found in fruit, milk, sweets etc.


2. Fats: - which are normally either saturated fats or unsaturated fats. Saturated fats can be found in butter, cheese and meat, when unsaturated fats are found in olive, vegetable and fish oils, sunflower seeds, corn and wheat germ.

3. Vitamins: - these vitamins are                                                                                                    

A – Liver, oily fish, butter and margarine
B – Whole cereals, yeast, yogurts, milk, meat, fish, bread and potatoes.
C – Potatoes, tomatoes, citrus fruit, green vegetables and salads.
D – Oily fish, fish liver oils and liver.
E – Wheat germ, whole wheat flour and bread, sesame and sunflower seeds and oils. K – Present in most vegetables.

4. Minerals: - are found in

• Calcium which is in milk
• Cheese
• Tinned fish
• Bread and flour
• Iron which is in liver
• Kidney
• Red meat
• Nuts
• Sodium which is in slat, meat, fish, bread.
Fluoride which is in water.

5. Fibre: - is found in oats, whole wheat bread, beans, leafy vegetables, prunes and apples.

6. Water: - is found in all food and drinks.

Food is important for children because they learn through play, so food is particularly important for children because they need the energy from food
that is eaten to grow and develop. Parents, carers and child care providers need to make sure that children get the right amount of...