Healthy Eating Plan

Healthy eating plan |
SCI 141Nutrition |
Anne Banks |
12/10/2011 |


My daily eating habits has varied over the last few days due to excess activities I currently have going on in my life. Lately I have been eating all the wrong foods such as fast food, sweets, drinking many carbonated sodas, and eating a lot of starchy foods. In the middle of moving these foods have become my best friend and I have enjoyed eating them daily. Now of course I know that none of these foods fall anywhere in the food pyramid and they are of course unhealthy and unbalanced meals but they feel you up for the time being and comes in handy when riding down the street. It’s much easier to grab a burger and a small fry with a medium coke, then to a serving of green beans, baked chicken, and steamed carrots. Which do you prefer to eat when driving a U-Haul truck? I also am aware of the daily exercises that I must fit into my busy schedule, but with working full time, going to school, and being a full time mother, it’s difficult to have the time to do anything active or at least pertaining to exercising. The only exercise I get is running behind my 1 ½ year old all day, although many will probably say that that’s enough exercise for the week! I recently canceled my gym membership due to lack of participation, and lack of funds but when I did attend I worked out 2 days out of week and enjoyed sitting in the sauna the other 3 days. These were the days of pure motivation from the summer sun shine and cute two piece bikinis that I couldn’t wait to see myself in.
After completing the food pyramid activity I realized that my food intake was nowhere near healthy and it definitely did not follow the nutritional guidelines. My milk intake was calculated at 0.6 cup equivalent when it should have been 3 cup equivalent. This of course did not surprise me because I really do not like dairy products that much other than eggs, and cheese and this apparently is not helping me meet my...