The factors that can influence of the vision and strategic direction of the time can be peoples ages this is because there is a mixed age range within social care and with younger people they have different views. Some people start working in social care because there is always work available and can be found as an easy job to get into ( Do it for the money)
Other do the job to progress and require the experience to work in a care setting before moving on to higher careers.
To over come this we set up a strategy we provide training for all new staff and excessing staff some of the training is mandatory but for those that what to progress there is other training available.
The training that all social care worker should have is at east a level two in health and social care if they have not got the qualification before they start work then we in role them on a course with one of the collages.
We also do appraisals these are done annually but more if needed. In the appraisals we talk about how the persons work performance is, does it need improving and what their straight and weaknesses are. What they need to build on. Also we talk about what training they have or what is out standing and what their sickness record is like and   their time keeping e.g. do they turn up to work on time and are all tasks complete.
And final what I want to see in place and the changes I want to see made so that they are working along with the others.
I also hold a staff meeting once a year or more if I feel it needed so that when I change something I can let the staff know all at once instead of individually.
I find with the older age range they are working in social care because they want to and that they do care and quite often have a caring nature with them. They are not working to progress its normally because they wanted to do it years ago but left it too later due to raising family, commitments I find with these group of people they do the job properly and make good...