Healthcare Spnding: Will It Increase in the Future

Healthcare Spending: Will it Increase or Slow Down in the Future?
Rosa Carrion
University of Phoenix

Course HCS/440
Professor William Obert
September 18, 2011
Healthcare Spending: Will it Increase or Decrease in the Future?
Healthcare spending is calculated Healthcare Spending slowed down in 2010 because of problems in the economy having to do with the high increase rate of unemployment. Another reason was the decline of private health insurance coverage due to the recent recession. Healthcare spending is said to make up 20 percent of the federal budget. The United States government projects that between the years 2010—20 healthcare spending will increase by 5.8 percent. How would this affect individuals and the healthcare system?.
The Healthcare system is very complex and so is healthcare spending. Healthcare spending has to do with the spending of healthcare goods and services, program administration, private health insurances, public health and the amount of money spent on investments like structures, equipment, and research.
Currently the healthcare system struggles because it has to make sure that its revenues do not exceed current expenses, it also has to make sure it stays above its operating cost in order to compensate stakeholders. This is why organizations need to forecast in order to give them an idea of what is ahead, and give them a chance to plan for a future emergency.   According to the National Healthcare Expenditures (NHE) in 2010 the United States reached 2.6 trillion in healthcare spending and grew 3.9 percent, but the number was still down compared to 4.0 in 2009. The reason for this was the poor economy.
Forecast Summary
It is projected that by the years 2011-2013 healthcare spending will grow faster because it is believed that there will be improvements in the economy, because it is speculated that the unemployment rate will go down. Another reason that healthcare spending will grow is because there will be an increase in...