Healthcare Facility

Health care Facility: Temple University Hospital
By: Jason Weis


For my chosen health care facility, I picked Temple University Hospital.   I chose this facility because I am very familiar with it, in that, I went there a couple of times either for a doctor’s visit or to the emergency room.   For the first section, I will describe and analyze the hospital.   For the next section, I will describe the users of this facility.   Next, I will discuss the information system that is used at this facility.   Lastly, I will provide any comments and wrap-up what I discussed.
Firstly, let me tell you a little bit about Temple University Hospital.   The hospital is one of the region’s most respected academic medical centers.   It is located on 3401 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140 and their phone number is 215-707-2000.   This organization is a short-term acute care hospital.   Temple University Hospital is a 722-bed teaching hospital.   A typical patient unit has 34 beds, there are 25 operating rooms, 6 cardiac catheterization labs, 99 critical care unit beds and a level one trauma center ( .   The type of ownership for Temple University Hospital is a voluntary-non-profit organization ( ).   The population that is served at Temple University Hospital is adults and children with or without health insurance and particularly those on Medicare and Medicaid.   Next, I will discuss briefly the types of departments and services offered.   The first service is anesthesia, which provides the sleeping medicine when patients undergo surgery.   The next one is the bloodless care program, which uses several technologies to provide patients with safe and effective surgery without the need for blood transfusions.   The next ones are: bone marrow transplant, burn center, dermatology, emergency medicine, and family and...