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HCS/212 Wk1 Assignment

Dear friend,
        The healthcare field is an umbrella term for any job pertaining to public health and its maintenance. The healthcare field ranges from actual patient care all the way to the manageing of patient records, the processing department and insurance. The different fields differ on what qualifications are needed as well. Normally the field is seperated into 2 parts,which are the patient care aspect and the paperwork and management part.
The first part of the healthcare field I talked about was the patient care. These jobs include basic general practice doctors, nurses, dentist , pediatricians and any other job that requires some kind of PHD and that is hands on with a patient. This part is broken down into two seperate categories. Primary and secondary care. In it simplest form the primary care acts as the first point of   consultaion within the healthcare system. The secondary care is a specialst you would be referred to from the primary care doctor for a more in debt and detailed evalution focused soley on your major issue such as a dermatologist or a   cardiologist. Both primary and secondary care givers require the most amount of schooling, time and money as opposed to professionals dealing with the administrative side. Each of the fields requires its own unique credentials in order to practice and it differs state to state. This field is one of the fastest growing   mainly because there will always be a need to treat a new disease or sickness.

The other side of the healthcare field deals more so with the administrative portion. The administrative side is just as important as the hands on side. The jobs for the administrative portion require schooling but nowhere near as in debt as the patient care side. Within the administrative portion of the healthcare field it is also divided into numerous portions with sub categories. These include the insurance,   billing and coding, the medical records ,...