Describe the difference between non profit and for profit hospitals.

In the United States when a profit hospital is compared with non-profit hospitals the operations and methods used are almost the same.   There are non profit hospitals operated by large private corporations and non-profit, which may be operated by county, state, government and religious orders and independent non profit organization.  

A non profit hospital is really the way hospitals in the United States exist, funded by charitable institutions, by religious orders.   Non profit hospitals were designed not to make money, they were designed to provide care to the citizens of that community.   On the other hand, for profit came about when capital was being used to build more hospitals, new equipment and when technology began to change.   The capalistic companies decided that the owners of hospitals would be investors and gain a return on their investments.

Non profit hospitals provide care disregarding a patients ability to pay.   For profit hospitals claim to provide better care at a low cost and offer special services like cardiology and elective surgery and they stay away from unprofitable areas like emergency care used by poor patients.

Extensive studies of inmunization programs have shown that public institutions offer advantages over private institutional with respect to accountability, standardization of procedures, vaccine handling practices, human resource records, management, and cost.   Public hospitals remain the reference for quality standards, prices of services, training, and quality health professionals, while the role of private hospitals in service delivery is also growing.
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Describe atleast   three major trends that have occurred within the hospital sector.   Give three examples that describe and differentiate the roles of hospital and nursing home in providing long term care.

Discharge, Mortality and Service Use are three major trends that have...