Pamela Carpenter
 What are some health problems related to inadequate diets? Provide a brief explanation of the problem and the body system involved.
According to (” the disease happen when you have poor nutrition habits”.   You become obese which can put you at risk for more chronic health problems. You could develop high blood pressure that also can do a lot of damage in a lot of ways.  
You are also prone to strokes that can cause blood clots to form, and block your blood flow. You are also at risk of coronary heart disease which can reduce the flow to the heart muscle and cause a heart attack. Type 2 Diabetes can also develop which causes the cells in the body to malfunction when it comes to supplying the body. You can also develop osteoarthritis, this comes from the extra weight that put pressure and wear on the joints, and this can be very painful. Also being overweight can cause you to develop cancer in your breast, gallbladder, endometrial area, and colon.
When you are obese, you also can be at risk for abnormal levels of blood fats, which leads to CHD because of your triglycerides which is cholesterol. Gallstones will show up and cause stomach pain or either back pain. Another problem because of inadequate and improper diet is sleep apnea in which there is shallow breathing and more than one pause of breaths when you’re asleep. Obesity can cause women to be infertile. Poor nutrition can also contribute to depression, eating disorders, and tooth decay.

What would be some food sources rich in Calcium and Vitamin D (include those that are not found in the dairy food group) that you can recommend to people with lactose intolerance?  
For People like myself, because I’m lactose, I would recommend some complex carbohydrates like Whole grain, starchy vegetables, like potatoes,...