Health & Social Care

This essay will be explaining how social construction affect our health and the importance of the different types of illnesses and how health and illnesses and disabilities are defined from a sociological perspective, some examples of some of the different types of social issues that can give to ill-health, social and also emotional difficulties.
There are three major sociological perspective which as the symbolic interactionist perspective, the functionalist perspective and the conflict perspective. These perspective are there in the society to show how it influence the people and each of the perspective has it own way of how the society influence us in how we behave, and our social force.
The conflict perspective, usually focus more on the positive side of the society in order to give it stability and it also focus on the negative side of the conflict perspective by changing the nature side of the society. Max’s idea was extended in the society in order for the economic will be strict, the theory of conflict has been able to find a social conflict between all the different types of groups that potential for the inequality such as gender, race, religion, political and it was also suggest that the conflict theorists thinks that those people who are in unequal groups usually has the conflict of values and agenda which makes them to challenge one another so by the challenging each other, it forms the root changing nature of our society. In this model demonstrates, it is suggest that men have got the upper hand in the society  
The symbolic interactionism perspective, suggest that people get attach to a symbols and they are allow act according to their subjective interpretation of these symbols. Verbal conversations, in which spoken words serve as the major symbols, make this subjective interpretation especially evident. The words have got a particular meaning which the “sender,” and, during effective communication, they usually have the same meaning for the...