Health & Social 201 Task B

Understand employment responsibilities and
Rights in health, social care or children
And young people’s settings.

Task B your work role

B1.   The terms and conditions of my employment are laid out in my contract as follows,
          Pay, Employment conditions and contractual obligations, Flexible working, Business transfers, Working hours, Time off and holidays.

B2.   Pay slips need to have certain information on them and employers have to give all employees a pay slip within 1 working day of their pay day, even when they’re on leave. Pay slips should be issued electronically or on paper its best practice for them to be written in plain and simple English.
Pay slips have to include:
  * the employer’s name (e.g. XYZ Pty Ltd trading as XYZ Pie Shop)
  * the employee’s name
  * the date of payment
  * the pay period (the period that the payment is for, for example. 24/8/12 to 30/9/12)
  * the gross pay and net pay
  * loadings, allowances, bonuses, incentive-based payments, penalty rates or other paid entitlements that can be singled out
  * if the employee is paid an hourly rate:
      * the ordinary hourly rate
      * the number of hours worked at that rate
      * the amount of pay at that rate
  * if the employee is paid an annual rate (salary), the rate as at the last day in the pay period
  * any deductions from the employee's pay, including:
      * the amount and details of each deduction
      * the name and number of the fund / account the deduction was paid into
  * any superannuation contributions paid for the employee’s benefit, including:
      * the amount of contributions made during the pay period (or the amount of contributions that need to be made)
      * the name and number of the superannuation fund the contributions were made to.