Health Policy 5

Mobile devices have advanced from opportune social device to justifiable accessories for health care personnel as well as other professionals. Doctors, fosters as well as hospital executives are noticing   that the mobile technology is helpful in a multiplicity of practical as well as efficient ways to advance managerial, scientific and medical responsibilities. One of the mobile devices that is essential in the health sector is the smart phone. According to Manhattan research majority of the physicians use smart phone in the United States.
Smart phone is a mobile phone that has advanced features. This type of phone emerged in 2000, and they have been ordered in large quantity with years. They have not been fully integrated health sector though experts predict that this technology is vital in health sector and will soon be integrated in hospital operations. Basically the main purpose of this device is to keep medical records as well as deliver the information directly to physicians when treating the patients. In addition due to the introduction of computerized physician order entry technology (CPOE) in health settings, smart phone have been integrated to access the HER and CPOE systems and to teach patients. The interactions of CPOE using the smart phone have led to positive outcomes such as the improvement in health care decisions, advancement in the patient outcomes   as well improvement in efficiency.
In professional settings, persistent utilization of these smart phones gives a lot of negative outcomes. Looking at the perspective of the health care settings, they turn into privacy as well as security hazards, as well as a foundation of disruption for the workers. Therefore, it may be cautious to establish rules to guide workforce using smart phones at work place to avoid any abuse as well as overuse.
The organization should mandate the use smart phone due to its positive outcomes that overcomes the negative outcomes. Should the practitioner refuse to use the...