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Covenant Community Care Information System

Description of Covenant Community Care Clinic

    Covenant Community Care is a Christian primary care clinic.   This clinic is a non-

profit, independent and funded by the government.   Most patients are uninsured,

low income families, they also see patients who are insured with Medicaid and

Medicare.   Covenant Community Care services a total of 2000 patients.   This

facility is 1500 square feet.   There are 9 exam rooms for medical.   There are 2

exam rooms for dental.   There are is 1 room for behavioral services and 1 office

for Christian counseling.   Covenant Community Care provide services such as

medical, dental, behavioral, and Christian counseling.   This facility is accredited

by Chap.

Users of health information at Covenant Community Care clinic

    Some users of health information system are physicians, nurses, support

services and medical billers.

How users of the health information system at CCC assess records

  Physicians use Epic, their health information system for documentation,

referrals and prescriptions.   Nurses use Epic for documentation.   Support

services such as affiliates use Epic for labs.   The medical billers use Epic to do

their billing for the clinic.

Covenant Community Care Information System

    Covenant Community Care clinic medical records are electric only.

All of their medical records are accessed through their computers.


Epic is used for registration, billing, coding, computerized physician order

entry and nurse documentation.   This health information system is efficient

and user-friendly.   Epic system is classified as clinical.   The purpose for Epic is

to ensure the clinic is operating on EHR that will help provide excellent service

to their...