Health Education

Identifies educational needs

For my Friedman family assessment I interviewed a single father and his two children whose mother had died several years earlier. The family appears is still having a difficult time dealing with the death of their mother and wife. K.W. Sr. states he feels the stress of raising two children alone and still wakes up crying in the middle of the night. His daughter is missing the mother daughter time shared, and his son never even speaks of his mother, he appears to have totally shut down. I believe the family could use some counseling to help them deal with their loss.  

K.W. also appears to have problems planning his meals. He is still a very large man even though he has recently lost 75 pounds. He makes sure his children eat three meals a day but he skips the most important meal of the day breakfast. He does not seem to utilize the basic food groups but feeds his children mostly fries foods and sweets. He has a large amount of processed foods in the home but little fruits and vegetables. The family could use education in the nutrition department.  

Communication is the key to building a healthy relationship. K.W and his son loves football and basket ball and have formed that father son bond, but his communication with his daughter appears to have stalled. K.W. believes his 15-year-old daughter does not respect his authority as her father and is rushing life. He believes she is still too young to stay out past 10 o’clock, wear makeup or date and wants her to concentrate more on her future education. His daughter believes her father’s mind is closed   to all of her suggestions. She does not believes she can talk to him because he does not listen to what she has to say. She said if it were not for her grandmother she would have no one to talk with. I believe the family needs education on   healthier ways to communicate with each other....