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U.S. Health Care Delivery System
HCA 305 The U.S. Health Care System

July 23, 2011

U.S. Health Care Delivery System: Financing

      The American heath care system has change over the last two decades due to a variety of factors which all resulted in rising health care cost. Healthcare has been influenced by many factors that have caused transition in the way healthcare is viewed and increase cost. Providers, employers, purchasers, consumers and political factors have influenced the financing of the American healthcare system. (Sultz 2009)

      With an estimated 47 million people uninsured or underinsured. The cost of healthcare is higher in America than in any other industrialized country. It is said that our healthcare is based on supplier induced demand.“Our cost of health care is astronomically higher than other ‘industrialized nations’, and yet we have the worst outcomes,” says David Harrell, PhD, FACHE, Director of Strategic Development-Health care for the Apollo Group.  Our healthcare here in the US should be more consumer driven. In most cases the common practice is that patients follow their physicians orders without question or second opinions, that they do not look for other health   alternatives nor make prevenitive care a regular practice.There is no open market or competition of prices. Prices, premimums and reimbursments are set by insurance companies and healthcare providers. There is little information available to consumers on hospital stats and outcomes most rely on family and word of mouth to make a decision on where to get treatment. (Hughes 2010)

      The United States   spends an estimated 1.4 Trillion a year on health care, this is about twice that of other countries. Other countries have some form of universal healthcare plan but the US does not. We have seen insurance premimums almost double in the past 10 years. The financial situation is that americans are paying more and getting less. Working people are looking for...