Health Care

A02: Effects of national policy and legislation on care practice and provision.
Select A: candidates accurately and independently apply in depth knowledge and understanding to give a comprehensive explanation of the impact of one national policy or piece of legislation on care practice and provision.
Case study:
Sabrina is 75 years old. Her husband recently died and she is finding it very difficult to cope with her loss. Following the death of her husband, Sabrina had counselling sessions with the counsellor from the local hospice. She also has osteoporosis and arthritis. The joints in her shoulders and hips are very painful and she has regular pain relieving injections from her GP. She also takes medication to maintain the strength in her bones and her diabetes.
Cleaning the house and preparation of meals are becoming a chore and she cannot manage to maintain the garden. Her son is concerned because she is becoming very forgetful. She spends long periods of time at home alone and is not interested in socialising.
Sabrina has seen a consultant at the local NHS Trust hospital who offered her the choice of having a hip replacement operation. She is now on the waiting list and is determined to continue living in the home she shared with her husband for 52 years.

Sabrina’s PIES:
Physical development:
At age of adulthood peoples physical development starts to change. Their body gradually becomes weaker and their functioning of the body isn’t as effective. I am going to write a few physical changes which may occur such as:
  * ‘Reduced heart and lung function’. (Mark Walsh, Page 96).
  * An elderly person is more likely to experience mobility issues. This may be due to stiff joints, weak bones and muscle wastage. A person ages 65+ years and over will not be as fit and healthy as they would be before. They may need a walking stick or wheelchair to help them walk or access services.
  * There would be a change in their appearance. They would begin to...