Health Care Reform

    The impact of illegal immigrants on health Care economics in the United States is a high cost to the government due to the large amount of illegal immigrants on Medicaid. Providing health care to illegal immigrants is one factor that affects the high cost of health care insurance for the citizens of the United States. This is an issue for the United States government that affects our economy. Team C will describe different topics with summaries, research and identify possible economic solutions that may help reduce the high cost of health care.                                      
Description of the issue
        Description of illegal immigrants on health Care economics in the United States and                                                       the impact that illegal immigrants have on health care economics in the United States goes in many directions as it affects many areas of the economy.   The controversies of whether illegal’s should be allowed to become legal and live in the United States, receive free government health insurance and other state benefits, and what the new health reform should consist pertaining to illegal immigrants is the number one health care problem today.
Health Care Expenditures of Immigrants in the United States
      The research article looked at the cost of health care expenditures for immigrants compared to United States born citizens. The assumption at the beginning of the article is that immigrants are putting an increased burden on the health care system in the United States. The data was collected on national basis using a computer-based survey. Following the analysis of the data collected in the research study it concluded that the citizens make up a larger amount of the health care expenditures compared to the immigrants. It was found that total of the United States health care expenditures were made up of 7.9% from immigrants and 90% from the citizens.
        One factor that plays into the...